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indoor cricket, bowling machine hire, St George Sydney

Play Indoor Turbo Touch!

Turbo Touch new sport @ Sportsworld Indoor

4 sports in one!

Turbo Touch combines Touch, Rugby League, Netball, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Gridiron all into an action packed game perfect for 5 a side.

  • When: Mondays from 6pm
  • Who: Mixed teams with 5 a side playing on the field. 5 guys and 3 girls required. The game is fast! you need reserves.
  • Ages: 14 years and over.
  • Fees: $70 per team match fee each week. One off payment of $20 per person for registration and insurances.
  • Special: If you are an existing SPORTSWORLD member playing in another competition you will receive FREE Registration.

Call us on 95343100 if you are interested! or click here to nominate your team now!

TurboTouch Rules


The TAP starts and restarts all parts of play. An incorrect TAP will result in a change of possession. To perform a TAP
•Ball must be placed on the ground within 2 metres of where the play stopped or in the TAP START ZONE at the centre back of the TOUCHDOWN ZONE
•Ball must be released from both hands
•Ball is tapped with either foot a distance of not more than 1 metre
•Ball must be picked up cleanly


On ATTACK your ACTIVE ZONE is in play and cannot be entered into or scored in until it is called OPEN by the referee
•After a TAP, the ball must connect with two players before the ACTIVE ZONE is called OPEN (IE 2 passes or 'flick-ons').
•You may pass the ball forwards, backwards, sideways and use any style of throwing or flicking to move the ball around.
•You have TWO chances to score. If the Defending team effects TWO touches on your team before you score then it is a change of possession.
•After a TOUCHDOWN is scored or a TOUCH made, you must restart play with a TAP. You have TWO seconds from the TAP until the defender can advance to make a TOUCH.
•When you hear the referee call USE IT, this indicates the TWO (or FIVE if tapping from the TAP START ZONE) seconds have passed & you can be touched.
•When restarting play in the TAP START ZONE after a TOUCHDOWN is scored, the TOUCHDOWN ZONE becomes a SAFEZONE for FIVE seconds where no Defending player may enter or they will be deemed to be OFFSIDE. Defenders may run through the SAFEZONE if the Attacking Team passes twice before five seconds is up therefore opening both the ACTIVE and the SAFE ZONES.
•If a ball is intercepted by a Defender, they are now on ATTACK and the ACTIVE ZONE is automatically OPEN therefore they may score.


On DEFENCE you must TOUCH the attacking player carrying the ball to stop them from scoring.
•You cannot enter the ACTIVE ZONE until it is OPEN
•You cannot interfere with any ATTACKING player who does not have the ball, this includes body blocking. This will result in a PENALTY being awarded
•You cannot TOUCH or call a TOUCH on an ATTACKING player before they have caught the ball. The ball must be in contact with the players hands when the TOUCH is effected
•If a DEFENDING player knocks down a ball possession stays with the ATTACKING team and the TOUCH count goes back to ZERO


A change of possession shall occur
•After an incorrect TAP
•When the ball goes to ground
•When a TOUCHDOWN occurs
•When there is a TOUCH and PASS
•When the ball goes out of bounds
•When an ATTACKING player enters the ACTIVE ZONE before it is OPEN
•If an incorrect substitution is made
•Whenever the referee indicates and / or there is a penalty infringement against the attacking team.
Play is recommenced with a TAP


You are deemed OFFSIDE when
•An ATTACKING or DEFENDING player enters the ACTIVE ZONE before it is OPEN
•Playing the RESTRICTED version, you enter the ACTIVE ZONE at any time before the ball is grounded for a TOUCHDOWN.
•A Defending player enters the SAFEZONE before the referee has called FIVE seconds or USE IT
•A Defending player has not retired 2 METRES (radius) from a player or given the attacker 2 Seconds (referee's perception of 2 seconds) and tried to or effected a TOUCH


•A Touchdown can occur when the Touchdown zone is OPEN i.e. once the ball has been passed or flicked-on two times or intercepted by the Defending team.
•The ball must be placed on or into the ACTIVE ZONE
•No TOUCHDOWN will be awarded if any body part of an attacker is inside the Touchdown zone before it is deemed OPEN

Click here for full rules


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